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Sales Training Programme

When you invest in one of our Sales Training Programmes you are investing in a sales training and consulting partner.

Our focus is on immediate sales and long-term sustainable change through learned ‘best of business and sales practices and behaviours’.

Coaching and Mentoring

Sales and Business Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their performance at work

As your business coach, we will develop your strengths, identify and mitigate weaknesses, and also help you grow as individuals.

Business Development

Business and Talent Development focuses on the development of the business, the team and the skills.

As the eyes and ears of a company, it’s often said that employees are the most important asset you can have in your business. Therefore, the success of your business depends a confident, highly motivated and skilled workforce. 

About Us

Anne Conlon, Managing Director of All About Sales , became one of the youngest Value Centre Managers in Ireland in 1996. Her success within this role brought her from the East coast to the West to set up a green field site where she recruited, trained and brought to market a new business. Anne followed this up with a role as Senior Account Manager in Galway where she was then head-hunted by Independent News & Media group to establish the Irish Independent Directory in the west of Ireland.

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Network Ireland Mayo Sales presentation in Hotel Westport September 2019.

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Creating a Loyal Customer

Kilkenny February 2019

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All About Sales delivers sales training & mentoring to the B2B and B2C market

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